Here's all of my released video games. My newest stuff is up at the top.

My page.

Green-haired girl with large hammer smashes rabbits with it.



Holding a box with various buttons and dials while standing in a baseball field.

Xenon EX

Recreation of a dream I had.

Gardener plants a seed which swiftly grows into a bulb.


Plant seeds, grow beasts.

Human flies with one wing, shooting bullets rapidly from their fingertips.


Simple bullet hell.

Blue octohedron amulet rotating.


Caught in the crossfire between timeless beings.

An @ character drops into a well shown in text characters.

Just as Well

Brief text mode platformer.

Yellow one-eyed mushroom character walking.

Fungal Heaven-Garden

Spread spores.

Lab table with a domino and two Petri dishes containing fuzzy dice creatures.


Grow dice creatures in a Petri dish.

Text-only logo saying 'Mothman Murder Mystery'.

Mothman Murder Mystery

It's all there in the title.

Rusted metal logo saying 'Rustbots': the O letter is a gear with an eye.


It's an all-out scrap in the scrapyard!

Logo of clock with hands set to 4:00 next to words saying 'Tetra Time'.

Tetra Time

Play as characters from 4 different time periods.

Red human heart.


Fight in the sewer while managing your blood pressure.

Bowl of delicious cottage cheese.

Cottage Cheese Factory

Obscure anything depicting cottage cheese in a negative light.